Changes to the Google Ad Grants policy include a minimum CTR of 5%

google adwords

Google is making changes to Ad grants, the Adwords program that provides search engine grants to nonprofit organizations of up to $ 10,000 per month.

It has been noted that 35,000 non-profit organizations participate in Google's grant program and it has now been said that the $ 2 bid limit is over when campaigns use the maximum conversion bid strategy.

There are some important Google Ad grants updates followed by some minor ones:

The main update is that accounts must now maintain a minimum of 5% CTR, which is a 1% increase in the minimum CTR. The threshold if lost for 2 consecutive months will suspend the accounts of the organization in question. Dilemma accounts will receive a notification if your account runs the risk of falling below 5% CTR. It has been observed that the majority of Ad grant accounts have CTR between 1.5% - 4%.

Other Google Ad grants policy updates include:

  • Keywords must have a quality score of 2 or higher
  • The accounts must have a geographical orientation
  • Nonprofits can not buy keywords they do not have
  • Campaigns must have 2 ad groups with a minimum of two ads in each of them
  • Campaigns must have a minimum of 2 active site link extensions
  • Most individual keywords are on the forbidden list for non-profit organizations.

The idea is that the organization should choose well-targeted keywords This new policy will be effective as of January 2018. Such a short notification period for the organization will expose them to a real problem. Google will start sending notifications from January and the accounts will receive the same time to make the adjustments. Those accounts that are deactivated anyway can call customer service and request reinstatement after making those particular changes.

With these changes, it has become true that Google is encouraging nonprofits to use AdWords Express. However, this has been meant only as an option for non-profit organizations that are not sufficiently productive in terms of CTR.

Last year, Google suspended the Grantspro program, which has premium services in terms of grants to nonprofit organizations and expenses between $10,000- $40,000 per month.

Reviewing the previous content will make nonprofits move forward with AdWords Express to better reach people in the way that Google wanted and, therefore, obtain full funding from Google.