How to Succeed with SEO Friendly Landing Page Designing for Business

landing page design

Digiorbite is a web design & digital marketing agency based in Gurgaon India. We also provide landing page design services. We have years of experience in landing page design, so we know what works best & what does not work on landing pages. We design a landing page for HTML Mailer and Email Marketing, AdWords and home page for Facebook & for mobile and web applications. We also work on the responsive design of landing pages that works well with devices of all screen sizes. We have the experience of working in several industries and many times our landing pages turned out to be an element of change for the marketing campaigns of our clients.

Digital marketing efforts without a proper landing page can be a waste. An appropriate homepage can help you get more leads from your online marketing activities. We have seen that many companies do not use an appropriate landing page and, therefore, face a very high bounce rate on their website. A good start page will not only help you minimize the bounce rate but will also help you increase the conversion rate.

Many of our customers witnessed that having a good landing page increased their conversion rate up to 75%. It's a big difference, but if it also has a marginal effect, you still cannot risk it like in this competitive world. If you lost a client once, you probably lost it forever. Therefore, it is good to have a perfect landing page, which helps convert visitors into buyers.

To help you get the best results from your digital marketing campaigns, we have created the design services of the landing page, where we have the staff of experts & we know the perfect ingredients of a landing page, we know what content should be up of the fold. Where the call to action button should be, what combination of colors would work best & many other things. Remember! The landing pages are the entry pages and create the first impression of your company, product, and service. We design destination pages that are converted & obtain the best result.