Is The Page Load Time Affecting Your Company?

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Remember that the idea: Time is money? In fact, every second of it can decide the success of your business. With everything running at a faster pace you cannot afford to be relaxed and neither does your website. Around your company's website is the most important marketing tool, especially for online stores, a slow will not other two judges for your business. Who has had time to sit and look at the screen for what they were when their website is trying to load? With so many options available, the person will quickly switch to another similar site. Therefore, your website has to be fast in order to go looking for customers. Generates brand awareness, sales, for your company, a slow could push your potential and even current customers away instead of attracting them. The market is robust you cannot expect loyalty to the brand at the expense of someone's time. Coming to a delay of one second (charging time is preferably less than 2 seconds) can cost you your client and such a bad experience facilitated more can negatively affect your business.

There are many tools available online that can help you know the speed of your website, compare it with other websites and say more in areas where it can be improved.

How To Solve The Problem Of Loading The Page?

Your website contains various elements that reduce the speed of the website. Although it contains some essential features, then there are many unnecessary things that cause a delay in loading the page. The key here is to simplify, compress and maintain your website clear of unnecessary problems.

Simplify The Design

There were more complementary functions such as flash, style sheets, Attack, more HTTP requests will be made to open each element that will require more time. In this way, reduce scripts, plug-ins, compile multiple pages, use CSS instead of images whenever possible, Attack, and its rendering page becomes faster.

Size Of The Correct Image

Hey images were most critical part of your website. It is necessary to use the correct sized images that are not too heavy and have less loading time, if necessary, their compression. Large images with high pixel resolution can offer great quality but can take much longer to open. So you have to compress them. in addition, JPEG and PNG image formats are preferable to TIFF or BMP.

Cache Plugin

The first time or open a web page, all encapsulated Your items have the loading bay. A cache plugin on your website saves in the browser cache and the next time the user opens the web page, the previously saved data will open instead of generating the entire page again. This saves a lot of time from regular visitors.

Update Server:

Then optimize the excluded speed IT website hosted by the last server. Running through the latest version can greatly assist in increasing speed.


There are two types of CSS style requirements to access your page; one is through an external file, while the other is an online style. The external CSS file is more preferable because it stores the HTML code in the head tag and therefore the information is loaded before the page is pronounced. These were some tactics that can greatly help reduce the page loading time. You need to discuss with your web developer before developing your website or its update so that your website functions productively. The website with the least U rendering time can reap great benefits.