SEO professionals should do constantly these 4 things


As SEO professionals, it is our duty to provide what the client expects from us, regardless of the type of business or operation you have. Being an SEO expert is a big responsibility, since the client will depend entirely on you to make your website superior through its techniques.

Never intentionally put the customer at risk

Marketing is about evaluating risk factors. It's about risk vs. reward. One thing to keep in mind is that the marketing techniques that were used before or add value to your business can cause your website to be penalized today. Therefore, be careful with the tactics you use since Google's algorithms keep changing.

But it's not just about an algorithm change. Clients who are unaware of the problems they have to face insist on using the techniques that will provide them with anticipated benefits since they have less to lose and much to gain. As an SEO professional, it is your responsibility not to put your client at risk as he knows the side effects of the following black hat SEO practices. Instead of making them aware of the complications and encouraging them to move forward with white hat SEO techniques.

Work with transparency in all matters

For the most part, SEO techniques consist of three components:

  • Technical SEO
  • Original high quality content
  • Obtain editorial links from relevant websites

SEO is a long process. It takes time for a website to work. These techniques have a lasting effect on the website, so it is the customer's right to know what we are doing on the website on behalf of SEO.

The next question would be if we tell them what we are doing in SEO, they can do it themselves. But the answer to this query is that SEO is not just about optimization, but about content management and promotion, along with the techniques that would allow ranking websites in the search engine. It is not possible for the entrepreneur to understand these things since they do not have much time to implement these techniques.

Make sure the client owns its properties, content and data

There is a big problem that is now a very frequent day and that is the company does not have clients account on behalf of the clients. This predisposes the customer to a large fraud, since the company can disappear at any time or the designer closes. This will have a big impact on the client, since he has to start from the beginning, since he has nothing left to move forward.

Therefore, make sure that the company has client accounts on behalf of the client and that the client has full access to each and every one of the credentials.

Work with specialists when necessary

When you start to feel that worried SEO experts are out of practice, do not hesitate to tell them. It is a mark of pure professionalism. Put aside your ego and seek help from a qualified specialist that can give you better SEO results.

There is nothing wrong with this. I have seen so many experts seeking advice from other experts who have different specializations.


It is the duty of the SEO professional to have a healthy relationship with the client. This will help the client to clarify things, but it will also help to understand their way of doing the work. The relationship creates a strong bond of trust and reliability between you and the customer. So, these are the things that the SEO professional should do.