Latest SEO Techniques to Direct the Targeted Traffic to Your Website

seo techniques

Although people spend much of their time online on social networks, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are still the main drivers of traffic to websites. Approximately 80% of Internet traffic is due to search engines. Therefore, you can never forget SEO as part of your business strategy.

How does it work?

Search engines have existed for approximately 2 decades and many people know how they work. Until a few years ago, SEO used to be a simple case of finding some keywords and then creating links based on them. This resulted in a lot of spam and poor search results in Google.

Search engines have updated their algorithms to detect unethical SEO tactics. Most websites that used shaded methods to increase their rank in the search engines were severely penalized. Here are some SEO techniques that used to work but no longer work:

  • Link building through link farms
  • Link building through content farms
  • Fill articles and web pages with keywords
  • Build an excessive amount of links in a short period of time
  • Use various article marketing techniques and ignore all other legitimate techniques

If you or your SEO Company adopted any of the above techniques, you may have seen a significant drop in the rankings. Fortunately, there are better ways to optimize your website and make it more popular in search engines. Here are some techniques that do work.

Publication of guests

This is a very recent trend and has become very popular in the last 3-4 years. Guest posts are published on websites and blogs that are not theirs. They have an interesting content for the readers of the website.

This is the reason why guest publishing can help improve the ranking of your site and increase your incoming traffic:

  • Guest post contains links to your website that readers can follow
  • Your website is exposed to a wider audience, which can generate more traffic
  • Guest publications tend to be of higher quality, search engines like it a lot

Quality is the operative word here. Your guest publications must be of high quality and the content itself must be genuine.


Although the social network has complemented blogs to a large extent, it is still the best way to increase the number of readers. The publications on social networks are very informal and are excellent for conversations. However, when you publish blogs that have genuine and interesting content, people are more interested in reading them.

This is what you should do with your blog:

  • Find interesting content about your business niche to talk about
  • Attract more readers with creative titles (scandalous!)
  • Offer readers some moments behind the scenes about how they work
  • Offer advice to your customers on the best way to use your product or service
  • Writing personal blogs shows readers that you really care and, in turn, it is more about you. It generates more interest in your website and naturally drives more traffic. Search engines prefer organic traffic and rank your blog more than other sites.

Facebook activity

Facebook is a constant in the lives of people. They use the network to discover what is happening around the world. They use it to find interesting news and you can also use this to promote your products. Posting discounts and regular offers on Facebook will attract more attention and drive traffic to your website.

To take full advantage of Facebook:

  • Create a personalized Facebook page that has similarities to your website in the subject
  • Upload videos and podcasts regularly, so people know you're active
  • Respond to other people's posts about your website and your company
  • Analyze the amount of traffic you receive through Facebook
  • Many websites have discovered that the traffic on their website has doubled and even tripled as a result of Facebook's active optimization. As it happens, search engines are also interested in which websites are the most active on Facebook, and try to increase their ratings if the content is of high quality.

Taking advantage of Twitter

Twitter is probably the most impressive SEO tool of the last 3 years. It started as a small status update network, but it has become a great tool for companies to reach their customers. The tweets are short and are easier for customers to digest.

If you have interesting content for them, they will not mind following your account at all.

This is what you can do:

  • Create a personalized Twitter page that reflects your logo and your values (a design company can help you with that)
  • Use tweets to respond to requests and comments from users
  • Post regular promotions in tweets
  • Upload images on Twitter that may be of interest to users
  • Launch a marketing campaign on Twitter
  • People are looking for a constant theme in various social networks. If you coordinate your efforts on social networks through various services, you can create a strong brand, something that search engines will notice.

You will notice that modern SEO involves many strategies that revolve around the optimization of social networks (SMO). That is why many SEO companies link these two aspects when they offer their services.

Link building

Along with proper keyword research, link development forms one of the pillars of search engine optimization. The basic principle used by all search engines to measure your popularity continues to count the number of links that point to your website. However, the rules have changed considerably in the last 3 years.

This is what the search engines of your website want:

  • The backlinks to your website must be organic (and not part of an excessive strategy)
  • The links should appear on quality websites (as determined by your PageRank)
  • If you find many links on your website at link farms and content farms, Google and Bing will degrade your ratings severely.

The construction of high quality links will make your web pages appear in the first 10 or 20 search results in the search engines.

Use niche long tail keywords

People look more and more on mobile devices. Before, people used to look for information on certain topics on the Internet. Today they use it to search:

Products and services

Restaurants, movies and other places nearby

The search is becoming increasingly localized. Therefore, if your company is based in Melbourne, you should also include those locations in your keyword research. Examples include:

It is shown running in red in Melbourne (instead of just "red racing shows")

Sushi restaurants in Austin, TX

You must use generic keywords and long-tail niche keywords as mentioned above. This will help your website appear at the top when people search for local places and businesses.

Improve your website

The last 3 years have led to modern web standards, including HTML5 and CSS3. These technologies make it easier for search engines to analyze the content of your website and index information. Improving our website is the best thing you can do to increase your visibility in the search engines.

Google is more interested in websites that are current and that are concerned that their customers can upload websites. Flash-based websites are not accessible on smartphones and tablets. Your website will not rank as high as you want, if you do not update it.

Keep your links

As time passes, many websites simply do not update. Some websites fall. Even in existing websites, some pages are deleted. However, links to these pages are not always deleted. These are called dead links and the resulting state is called link rot.

You must ensure that all links on your websites are active and that dead links are removed. You do not need to go looking for individual links because there are many tools that can help you automate this process. Running this process every week will help ensure that search engines always find that your website is of high quality.

Update your website

Finally, search engines want websites to be active. If your site is not updated regularly with new content, it is considered inactive and, therefore, has little value for the users of the search engines. Keep your website updated with new messages and design, so that Google and other engines index your website daily.

In this way, users will also get the latest content on their website from the search engines. SEO has become a very slow job, but that's because there are many factors at play. You may want to hire a reliable SEO company to help you form a specific strategy.