Should The Number One Rankings In The Search Engine Be A Priority?

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The number one ranking in the search engine, this is the goal by which each company runs and optimizes your website using various tools. But, if you are the only one in the race, there are several businesses that all run to reach the limited space available in the SERP.

The new era of SEO may be changing this priority. It is vital to understand if the number one rankings are as important as they used to be. Do you remember the last time you clicked on the 1st Position website in the SERP to find the answer to our query? Today, when you put the search query on Google, it will provide you with an abundance of information about the knowledge graph, 3pack's local business lists, and the rich snippets separated from the organic search results. These new types of search entries have weakened the organic ranking of search engines.

Keyword targeting has become more difficult after the algorithmic update of hummingbird that generated semantic searches. Today, Google does not give weight to the content base on exact match keywords, but matches users' queries to the most relevant content.

Enriched content: today everything revolves around quality content, thanks to semantic searches. As long as you're producing high-value content, you'll accidentally rank for many relevant keywords and phrases without even targeting them.

Click through rate (CTR) works in correlation with the highest page ranking. As more clicks you receive, the more relevant you will appear, and the higher your ranking will be. But sitting in a position does not guarantee that you will receive more clicks, since your competitor sitting in a position 2 with better offer could receive more clicks than you. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize your metadata to attract its potential.

Visit of visitors: consider that you are receiving massive traffic on your website, but due to irrelevance or any other factor, users are bouncing on the website, without taking any measurable action on your site. But, along with the important SEO tactics, you should also focus on other non-SEO factors, such as conversion optimization, brand creation and high-quality, easy-to-use design. Without these components, your SEO strategy will not apply value. You must allocate resources to achieve a balance between the quality and quantity of site visitors.

To end: It does not say that you should discard your previous strategies, since targeting keywords can still work for some small industries. But nowadays, SEO is about looking at the broader image we need to diversify our approach and strategies that will be successful for our brand.