Web design and SEO: identification of the areas that can affect your online business

web design and seo

Companies adopt various marketing techniques to advertise their business among their potential customers. Among all the techniques, online marketing is one of the best ways to reach your potential customers in a profitable way. Unlike expensive television and newspaper ads, online marketing can generate long-term results, which will help you achieve your business objectives more efficiently in the long term.

All the techniques and strategies of online marketing will be reduced to a focal point, which will attract targeted traffic to commercial websites. If you do not yet have a website for your company, it clearly means that you are giving a free space for your competitors to consume your part of the business. You will have to do something about it today.

Now the question is, "why do not many companies still cannot get customers despite having a website?" Well, the answer to this question is quite complex. It is primarily a combination of reasons rather than a single reason that is responsible for the poor results of your online marketing campaigns.

Let's see some of the most important:

  • The design of your website has many flaws
  • Your marketing follow-ups are ineffective or absent
  • The quality of its content is well below the required standards
  • You do not have an adequate online marketing plan in place
  • You have not explored the option of social media marketing

In addition to all of these reasons, there may be some things you might be doing wrong or unethical, in your quest to reach your potential clients. Now let's look at these problems individually.

The design of your website is flawed: the design of your website should offer a fluid experience to your visitors. The combination of design, template, color combinations, styles and font sizes, use of multimedia and widgets, programming of dynamic or interactive pages and integration with social networks are responsible for improving user experiences. However, they should be optimally organized with an adequate sense of user understanding.

The problem with amateur designers is that they tend to overdo everything, which will only slow down the performance of their websites. Your web designer must understand the core values of your company and your target audience, so that they can design the pages that will attract them directly.

The use of flash and animation optimally will surely help you attract the interest of your visitors. However, if you exaggerate that, it will turn against you in more ways than one. First, the search engine crawlers will not be able to read the text that is embedded in the flash files. Of course, they can read the name of the file.

In addition, a large amount of flash will also slow down the loading of pages, which will end up irritating your customers, and will simply close your website and look for other websites that need help.

In addition, the font size and styles you use should directly appeal to your target audience. For example, you cannot wear pink on websites that sell jackets for motorcyclists for men. The colors and fonts you use should create a sense of familiar territory among your potential buyers.

Responsive website design:

You will have to remember that people these days prefer to access the internet from their smartphones and tablets. Websites that look absolutely impressive on PCs may not be ideal for small screens. Visitors to your website may have to endure a lot of scrolling and too small buttons, which could only ruin the users' experiences on your website.

Therefore, the web design should also be compatible with smaller screens and variable image resolutions.

Changes and updates:

In most cases, the design of your website will be a unique job, but you can not ignore the scope of changes in the future. Ideally, your web design should be scalable to adapt to the changes you need to make when your business grows.

Of course, you may not apply the winning formula on your first try. Changes to your website are inevitable, one way or another. The web designer you choose must be willing to understand this important point, and must be competent enough to incorporate the changes according to various business scenarios.

If you are running an e-commerce website, you will obviously have to make constant changes, depending on your sales and arrival of new products. In this case, your web developer should provide you with an easy-to-use management control panel to manage your inventory in a very efficient way.

Your online marketing follow-ups are ineffective or absent:

It is not enough if you have a commercial website with homepage, services page, contact page and About us page. The targeted visitors to your website are like the gold mine, and you will have to make every effort to convert them as your customers.

In addition to regular pages, you will need a page for generating leads, pages on social networking websites and preferably a blog, to generate more awareness and participation of your potential customers.

While some of your visitors may be willing to do business with you, there will be a large percentage of them who need a little push on their part to help them with making decisions.

You can convince them to subscribe to your newsletters, which can be done by entering their contact information on the opportunities generation page. You can also send them to your blog to understand more about how you can meet their needs.

The bottom line is that you will have to interact with all your likely customers to improve the sales conversion numbers on your website.

The quality of its content is well below the required standards:

The meaning of the phrase "quality content" has changed quite frequently in recent years. What was considered quality content before five years could even be considered as spam content now?

Website owners used to include keywords related to the niche in their content, only to appease search engine crawlers. Well, that used to work very well in the past, and those websites might even have reached the top positions. Black hat SEO and spam techniques like the collection of keywords and the cultivation of keywords no longer work.

The people, who thought they could escape by cheating the search engines, literally saw their websites disappear overnight, after the algorithm changed and updated from major search engines like Google.

Key points that determine the quality of the content:

Plagiarism is a capital sin in the business of content writing. Copying and pasting content from other resources on the network or elsewhere is absolutely unacceptable. You could be penalized from both fronts, which comes from search engines and copyright laws.

Although the use of keywords is an integral part of SEO to create content for websites and other resources, you cannot simply exaggerate. Not only does it ruin the flow of your content, your website could also be a red mark for spam.

When doing keyword research, SEO professionals will present some types of keywords that simply can not be used to frame sentences grammatically. Although these weird sentences have helped many websites in the past, search engines also become more specific about the quality of the grammar used in the content.

Well, the bottom line is that you'll have to create your content that adds true value to readers, instead of trying to attract search engine crawlers. If you do it differently, the search engines will finally know, and they will surely harm you, which means that either you will degrade the ranking of your website in the search engines, or you will completely ban your website.

Good practices:

Create content that will help your potential customers understand everything about how your company can help them, or attend to their needs. If they have to buy your products or services, you will have to give them all the good reasons to do so. Be sure to use the keywords optimally, and also make sure they do not distort the quality of the language you use.

Some websites have high quality content, but their promotional content published in other web resources do not maintain that kind of quality. You will have to be very consistent in delivering quality content to your target audience. In some way, you will market your business for a long time, and the reputation of your business will be reflected in the type of content you post online.

You do not have a proper online marketing plan in place:

Some webmasters expect traffic flow to magically find their websites, which will never happen unless they have adequate marketing strategies. When it comes to online marketing, the main sources for obtaining specific audiences are obviously the search engines. That is precisely the reason why search engine optimization or SEO occupies most of the online marketing strategies.

First let's put this fact in perspective, online marketing is going to be a continuous process and not a one-time job. Even large companies will need to market their products or services to stay ahead of the competition.

The success of your online marketing strategies will depend on two things: Create a professionally designed website, with all the necessary ingredients to attract search engines. Continuous marketing strategies to attract new customers and also to drive recurring businesses of existing customers. Aggressive marketing is very important, but there is a very thin line that separates ethical practices from non-ethical ones. It is expected that your business will grow and expand in the long term, so you should ensure that the credibility of your business is not hindered due to unacceptable marketing techniques.

You have not explored the social media marketing option:

It is possible that SEO professionals have not heard of social media marketing before 8 or 10 years. The reality is that social networking websites have now hit our lives like they never have before, and there is simply no way to escape from them. Whether from their computers or from their mobile phones, people are always delivering themselves on various social networking websites.

Social networking websites like Facebook have even registered a billion active users in a month. Such is the case, you cannot afford to ignore the marketing potentials presented by the powerful social networking platforms. Not only can you share information about your web pages on social networking websites, but you can also share the contents published in other directories and web sources.

The best thing about social networking websites is that your company's information can travel virally and reach many networks faster. You can generate more and more knowledge about the products or services of your company. In addition, you can interact with your current and potential customers, who will play an important role in the long-term growth of your brand.

Now, let's see some solutions:

In this publication, I mentioned the important points to market your business online. The whole process, from choosing a domain name and designing your website, to marketing and promoting your business in search engines and social networking websites, can be quite complex, especially if you have no previous experience.

All these things are time consuming, and it is not possible that you can do them by yourself. Therefore, the best option is to choose a reliable service provider, which not only helps you develop your website, but also assists you with ongoing marketing campaigns to attract more and more customers to your website.

Also, if you can create quality content for your website and other promotional material, it will surely be an additional benefit for your business. It is always convenient to have a one-point contact for all your business needs. All the points mentioned above will help you take the right to make a decision when choosing a web design company that will also offer SEO services.